Let Me Give You a Very Valuable Sales Tip.

If You’re Not Making Sales Who’s Fault Is It?

This year was very good looking at the numbers in our office. We have some great agents here and we have some real losers to. Why is it that some agents just kick ass and some can’t get off the ground? Do I think there’s an answer for this? Yes, some agents know how to sell and some don’t and it all comes down to training and practice.

The first rule of selling is “Always agree with the customer” I can’t stress this enough always always always agree with the customer, I don’t care what they say you have to be agreeable and then steer the conversation.

For example the customer says, “Wow that’s too much money”…

You say “I agree it looks like too much money until you consider the neighborhood” or whatever feature that really makes the property great in the customer’s mind.

Second rule “It’s never about the price” yes you read that right… all the rookies are shocked when they read this.

If you think about ANY product under the sun you will find all kinds of pricing. I don’t care what it is, take water for example, you could get your drinking water right out of the sink for pennies but do you do that? NO! You go and pay $5 a case for bottled water. Why?… For the service, the service of filtering.

What about dinner? Could you buy dinner for $5? You can! You could go to Mc Donalds and buy dinner for $5 and that would satisfy your hunger OR you could go to “The Rits” and spend $100 for dinner for one person and you would satisfy your hunger. What’s the difference? Service, they waited on you, they brought you a napkin, they pushed in your chair, they created a different atmosphere than you would get from Mc Donalds AND they did it with a smile and a great attitude.

People like to do business with someone that can get the job done and get it done right, on time, and as smoothly as possible AND a great attitude. People will pay the extra price.

Third, practice every objection with someone for a few minutes every day. Keeping to the first rule of selling, have someone grill you every morning with a list of objections. One after anther after anther and you will be able to handle the objection or the “Complaint” without skipping a beat, without even thinking about it. Towing

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